13th September 2017

Local community invited to learn vital lifesaving skills

Virgil Turner Demonstrating

Lyme's chief Fire Officer Virgil Turner who will be demonstrating lifesaving skills this Sunday

The local community are being offered the opportunity to learn some vital lifesaving skills during a defibrillator fundraiser event being held on the Cobb this Sunday 17th.

Lyme's chief Fire Officer and first responder Virgil Turner will be leading a demonstration on how to use a defibrillator and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The training is one of the key priorities of the organisers behind the defibrillator fundraising campaign, ensuring the local community is ready and equipped to deal with someone who suffers a cardiac arrest.

Mr Turner commented: “The more access we have to defibrillators in public places the better. It’s also vitally important for as many people as possible to be trained in life saving skills. The next time someone's heart stops it could be your parent, your friend, your neighbour. That's why we need you to come along.” Demonstrations will take place at 11am and 12noon by the Harbour Master's office on the Cobb.

Through a combination of crowdfunding, a raffle and the boat jumble being held on the 17th, the organisers are hoping to raise enough funds for the purchase and installation of a public access defibrillator in the vicinity of Monmouth beach. Full details can be found online at www.lymeboatjumble.co.uk and facebook.com/lymeboatjumble.